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We make wicker coffins, urns and burial baskets; woven by hand from natural English Willow.


Our wicker coffin design has been created so we can offer you; a natural, ethical and 100% eco friendly willow coffin, made in the UK. Because of this, all of our wicker coffins and urns are entirely hand woven; in our own Sussex based workshop.

All of our wicker caskets are suited to burial or cremation.

Read on for more about Sussex Willow Coffins and the craft of weaving wicker funeral caskets.

We are here for you during these challenging times. Read more about what we are doing to ensure service in our Service Update.

Funeral Coffin from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

Naturally Biodegradable

Hand Crafted Eco Friendly Coffins

Wicker basket coffins are the perfect choice of natural coffin for a woodland burial, natural burial and green funerals. Because of this they are equally suited to cremation, as a change to a traditional coffin.

We are proud of our natural, English willow wicker coffin designs. Founded on ethical and green principals, attention to detail and hand weaving craftsmanship. Follow this link to find out more and how to order.

Woven Coffins from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

Wicker Coffin Made in Sussex

Buy Wicker Coffin By Sussex Maker

Our hand woven coffins are made in the UK and for sale throughout. They are made from wicker willow, by skilled basket makers; using age old willow coffin weaving and basketry methods.

Working in a barn near the Sussex Downs; currently the only wicker coffin makers in the South East of the UK. Find out more about the willow coffin weaving process, our ethos and Jake Whitcroft coffin maker.

Willow Coffin from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

Environment Friendly

Natural, Sustainable & Ethical Coffins

These are ecologically sound and 100% biodegradable coffins. Our wicker weaving materials are eco friendly, locally sourced and grown sustainably; besides rivers on land used for coppice.

We only use natural materials, native wood and traditional willow coffin weaving. Our ethos makes these wicker coffins and caskets, a green and ethical choice for natural burials. Read more about our willow.

Buy Wicker Coffin or Wicker Urn for Natural Burial, Cremation and Traditional Funerals

Hand crafted wicker funeral coffins, woven from English Heritage Willow varieties; grown in a sustainable way in the UK.

Individually hand woven by expert craftspeople, in the heart of the English countryside.

Sussex Willow Coffins

The two designs of wicker coffins that we offer have been carefully honed; to blend weaving of both regional and traditional style. Our natural and environment friendly caskets or eco coffins are made for; traditional funerals, cremation or woodland and natural burial.

All of our willow coffins are eco friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Wicker Coffin from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

Wicker Coffin

Natural & Sustainable

Caskets woven from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

Funeral Planning

Are you planning a cremation or funeral in the UK, but not sure where to start?

Visit our FAQs page and find the answers to some of your queries about; our wicker funeral coffins, cremation, natural burial and green burial sites. Learn why our natural willow coffins are so unique and about working with a funeral director.

Wicker Basket Coffin | Sussex Willow Coffins

Cremation Urn

Eco Friendly & All Natural

  • English Heritage Willow Varieties
  • All Natural Materials Used
  • No Chemical Treatments
  • Natural Willow Coffins

For a truly natural choice in Wicker Coffin for sale, choose Sussex Willow Coffins.

Member of the
Basketmakers’ Association

Basketmakers Association

Certified & Approved By The Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers’ Association

FFMA Approved Wicker Coffins, Willow Caskets & Wicker Urns

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Sussex & Surrey Coppice Group

Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group


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