About Our Wicker Coffins

About Our Wicker Coffins

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Environmentally Friendly Coffins by Design

Natural, ethical, biodegradable and handmade in the UK

Entirely handmade and woven from English Heritage Willow varieties. Our wicker coffin design takes inspiration from the oval and teardrop forms, using a long horseshoe shape for all our woven coffins. We believe that the beauty of a handmade wicker casket, is to recognise the natural shape of the body and the character of the deceased.

Within the design of our wicker coffins we like to maximise the use of sustainable, locally sourced willow; so that we may further support willow cultivation and growers in the UK.

Our wicker coffins all have entirely woven willow bases, rather than a wooden board. We believe this adds to the integrity of the design and avoids using highly manufactured materials, that do not meet our eco-friendly design criteria. Our woven coffin bases are reinforced with hardwood slats, which provide the wicker coffin ample strength for their intended purpose.

The structural framework of our wicker coffins are made from a variety of ethically grown, native hardwood. Steam bent willow creates the curved shapes, while our straight coffin sides and base slats are made from Ash and Larch sourced locally in Sussex or elsewhere in the south east of England.

All our handmade wicker coffins come fully lined with environmentally friendly fabrics. A biodegradable protective inner layer, with a natural calico cotton liner covering it.

Both of our wicker coffin designs are appropriate for cremations and natural burial. Many natural or woodland burial grounds specify that all coffins buried there are non-toxic and completely biodegradable. Our wicker willow coffins  and cremation urns meet these criteria, making them suitable for all types of funeral service or cremation.

Wicker Coffins from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

Wicker Coffins from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

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More about our English Willow

Heritage Willow grown sustainably in Sussex

We are always looking to improve our carbon footprint and reduce the distance that materials for our coffins have travelled.

Our aim is to source all of our coffin making materials in the local area, within the next few years. Find out more about how we grow source our sustainable willow.

Willow Coffin from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins


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