Organic Willow Cultivation 🌱 Withy Bed in Sussex for 2021

Planting Willow Withy Bed in Sussex

Organic Willow Cultivation in West Sussex – After many years in the making, Sussex Willow Coffins now has a large scale Withy Bed for growing Willow to weave coffins and urns. The new withy bed near Ardingly in Sussex has been fully planted with 50,000 cuttings of several Willow varieties.

Eco-Friendly & Organic Willow Cultivation in Sussex

Our new Withy Bed is located in an idyllic location on Pickeridge Farm (West Sussex). Working closely with Rachel and William the farm owners; we have been adding another level of biodiversity to the already naturally supportive farmland.

Read on to find out more about how SWC is growing our own Willow for weaving; and developing the natural landscape in Sussex…

Organic Willow Cultivation - Pickeridge Farm Sussex


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Your Guide to Understanding Natural Burial & Green Funerals

Your Guide to Understanding Natural Burial and Green Funerals

Tradition is not for everyone. Many people today are searching for alternative ways to celebrate milestones like partnership or achievement. This is even true in death; many people are now choosing to forgo tradition by having a natural burial and green funeral service.

There are a variety of reasons for considering natural burials. A common one is because the deceased was eco-conscientious in life and wants to uphold these principles even in death. Also many people feel that this is the most appropriate send off for someone who appreciated nature in their life. Continue reading “Your Guide to Understanding Natural Burial & Green Funerals”

Coffin Prices UK: Why People Spend as Much on Coffins as Cars

Coffin Prices: Why Do People Spend as Much on a Coffin as a Car?

The fact is coffin prices in the UK vary based on several factors. Also, there are now greener options that may provide a bit of a price break.

It’s often the case that people feel – how much you spend on a funeral and coffin correlates to how much you love the deceased individual. When you are grieving, you may not know what else to do and often feel under pressure to make decisions; due to the timescale and gravity of the situation.

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Sussex Willow Coffins – Service Update (COVID-19)

Planning a Funeral info Funeral Planning

We would like to let all of our customers know that with challenges to work through as a nation it’s business as usual at Sussex Willow Coffins. We will be working tirelessly through these unprecedented times to continue providing our locally crafted products to the funeral trade and families directly.
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FFMA Certified & Approved Cremation Coffins For UK Crematorium

FFMA Approved Wicker Coffins, Willow Caskets & Wicker Urns

We believe that the quality of our coffin products, is one of our unique selling points. Our high standards are maintained through attention to detail and continual improvement. This has recently been validated, with our coffins receiving the crematorium seal of approval and gaining FFMA Certification. Making our coffins approved for cremation in the UK.

Read on to find out about the certification process and what this means…

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What is the Process of Cremation? 5 Vital Things to Know

What is the Process of Cremation?

There are a lot of uncertainties in life, but the process of cremation does not have to be one of them. Making arrangements after the loss of a loved one is an important process and we will help you through each step.

We at Sussex Willow Coffins believe in finding the best options for these final important decisions. Cremation gives you a smart, efficient, cost effective and clean way to have a respectful funeral service.

Let’s walk through the major steps of cremation, some items to consider, and what the final process will be like. Continue reading “What is the Process of Cremation? 5 Vital Things to Know”

DIY Funerals Planning Guide + 6 Funeral Arrangement Ideas

DIY Funeral Planning Guide

In this post we hope to provide you with some do it yourself Funeral Arrangement Ideas; and our Guide To Planning DIY Funerals in the UK. Wondering if you can make your own funeral arrangements without a funeral director? Yes you can! Read on to find out how…

In the UK there is no legal requirement to use a funeral director to plan a funeral. You are the funeral director! Though many funerals are planned and arranged by using a funeral director; arranging a DIY funeral is possible yourself (with the help of this ‘how to’ guide). Continue reading “DIY Funerals Planning Guide + 6 Funeral Arrangement Ideas”

Cremation or Burial: Which Is Better For The Environment?

Couple with mortuary urn and flowers at cremation or burial

There are a lot of considerations that need to be explored at the end of one’s life. You might be planning for the end of your own life; or you might be in charge of someone else’s arrangements. While there will be a lot to think about and discuss; there is one big decision you will need to make upfront… cremation or burial?

Is one better than the other for the environment? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know; so that you can make a more informed decision. Continue reading “Cremation or Burial: Which Is Better For The Environment?”

Green Burial Options: Benefits of Sussex Willow Coffins

green burial options

When we lose someone we love, we want to honour them and their values around environmental impact. At Sussex Willow Coffins, we create intricately crafted eco friendly coffins made from handwoven wicker willow; that make for beautiful Green Burial Options for natural burial grounds.

We share in your love for the Earth as well as the attention to detail that your loved ones deserve. Sussex Willow Coffins makes several natural burial coffins suited to green funerals. We want to work with you and your family to help you find the perfect one. Read on to learn how we can help you say goodbye while being environmentally friendly. Continue reading “Green Burial Options: Benefits of Sussex Willow Coffins”