Coffin Prices UK: Why People Spend as Much on Coffins as Cars

The fact is coffin prices in the UK vary based on several factors. Also, there are now greener options that may provide a bit of a price break.

It’s often the case that people feel – how much you spend on a funeral and coffin correlates to how much you love the deceased individual. When you are grieving, you may not know what else to do and often feel under pressure to make decisions; due to the timescale and gravity of the situation.

Keep reading to learn more about coffin prices, whether you need to spend more and factors that will impact the price you pay for a coffin.

The Funeral Industry

The UK funeral industry, which is currently worth an estimated £2 billion a year, is under a lot of pressure. In fact, government watchdogs are monitoring this industry; because they believe the high prices of funerals today may not be justified.

While this can be true, one of the biggest expenses of the event is the coffin. Many family members feel pressured to spend more and buy into upsells from retailers. The truth is, affordable, quality coffins are widely available to the general public.

If you’re like most, spending on the perfect funeral can be significant. While this may not be something you’re looking forward too, its common to feel like you need to splash out to get the send off that a loved one deserves.

Coffin Prices: Why Do People Spend as Much on a Coffin as a Car?

Tips for Selecting a Coffin or Casket

Don’t let the process of this selection overwhelm you. Take your time to consider it carefully, although its tempting to feel in a rush when organising a funeral; this often comes from a place of anxiety to get things organised, rather than a genuine lack of time.

Coffin makers and suppliers are used to working to tight deadlines as it is the nature of their work and should be able to accommodate any request at fairly short notice. While it’s an important decision, you do have affordable options to choose from. Some factors that impact the final price are found here.

Coffin Material

You can find coffins and caskets in several materials. Some of the most popular options include traditional veneered wood, cardboard, willow and other imported woven materials such as seagass and banana leaf.

Keep in mind, buying directly from the maker will likely save you money compared to buying from a funeral director regardless of the material you choose.

If you want an eco-friendly option, the top picks for green credentials are English made cardboard or wicker coffins. Both are made from renewable natural materials that don’t cost the earth.

Its worth noting that any wicker coffin not made from English willow, will likely be imported rather than grown and crafted here in the UK (which of course reduces its green credentials). We source and grow our willow as locally as possible and hand weave our coffins at our workshop in Sussex.

Coffin Size & Prices

Another factor that may impact the cost of the coffin is the size you buy. You need to have the approximate height and weight of the person being buried or cremated, so you can find a coffin that will work. Some suppliers will charge a different rate for various sizes whereas others will charge a flat rate with no bearing on size.

Customisation Options

Most common customisation are the addition of flowers and usually a simple nameplate. There is nothing to stop you decorating the coffin yourself; without using a florist and creating a unique display from bought or foraged flowers from your garden.

The same can be said for a nameplate, usually one is required by law but you are completely free to get creative and make one yourself; as long as it clearly marks the full name of the deceased. Along with the full name it is customary to include the date of death and age on the nameplate, though this is just a convention.

All sorts of metal coffin ornamentation is available; usually designed to suit a traditional wood coffin, these extras can add up quickly and increase the cost. So if you want to stay on a budget, avoid extravagant extras and give some thought to what you may be able to do yourself as a family.

Often the best most meaningful funerals come from the thought and attention to detail; that is put into the coffin and ceremony rather than to amount of money spent.

Coffin Prices & Your Budget

When it comes to coffin prices, there are several factors that impact the final price you pay. Remember, in many cases the cost will be dictated by the retail margin rather than the actual coffin; so don’t be afraid to shop around and find the best deal.

Affordable Coffin Prices

Be sure you put time and effort into finding an affordable option for your loved one. Also remember, the amount you spend on the coffin and funeral is not a reflection of how much you loved the person. You can create a beautiful and meaningful ceremony whatever your budget.

If you need help or information about making the arrangements for a deceased family member, contact us. We can help ensure the funeral meets your needs and budget.