Coffins & Urns

Wicker Willow Coffins & Urns

Our hand crafted funeral caskets are available in two primary designs. Both of the variations have been honed over many years to create an entirely natural, versatile and 100% biodegradable coffin; that is suited to natural burial, cremation and traditional funerals.

Natural Willow Coffin

Our Unique & Eco Friendly Green Willow Coffin

  • Woven from 100% raw untreated Green Willow
  • No glue or toxic material present
  • Natural scent of willow bark still present
  • Load-bearing natural rope handles
  • Certified for Cremation and suited to Natural Burial

Buff Willow Coffin

Our Stylish and Traditional Wicker Basket Casket

  • Hand woven blend of Buff Willow and Green Willow
  • Classic elegant wicker basket look and feel
  • Load bearing natural rope handles
  • No glue or toxic materials used
  • Certified for Cremation and suited to Natural Burial

Wicker Cremation Urns

Our hand crafted Wicker Urns are woven from Green Willow and Buff Willow, with a solid Ash lid and Hazel catches.

Included is a cotton bag inside the basket for keeping ashes. The top of the casket can be inscribed with a name or a personal message. Suited to storage, scattering or burial.

Why Our Coffins & Urns?

Our natural and biodegradable wicker willow coffins, chosen for their beauty and green credentials. Over time we have refined these wicker willow coffin designs to be completely biodegradable and sustainable; making them suitable for cremation, natural burial and traditional funeral services.

Download our free 2 page printable PDF Brochure

Sussex Willow Coffins Brochure 2020

Stock Sizes and Custom Coffins

Various sizes to buy from stock, suited to most adults.

Our wicker willow coffins are available to buy now in these stock sizes:

5’9″ x 20″
6’0″ x 22″
6’4″ x 24″

Also made to order in a custom size if you need it.

See the casket gallery for more images

Please get in touch for wicker coffin price info and availability.

We can also supply a natural Strawboard cover for the base of your coffin (essential for cremation) and our own handmade name plate for a small added cost.

Guide to making and delivery times

We do our best to be flexible, accommodating and sensitive to your needs when making and delivering your casket.

Stock Sizes – 1-3 days for delivery
Custom Sizes – 4 – 7 days

For nationwide delivery please contact us for a quotation.

Wicker Coffins from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins

Have an idea or want a bespoke coffin?

Each coffin ordered can be customised on request, creating an entirely original and bespoke coffins. We are happy to hear about any ideas you have around customising one of our wicker willow coffins, design alterations or specifications for a particular wicker coffin that you have.

You may wish to include a significant piece of fabric or coloured ribbon into the weave, an item linked to fond memories could be incorporated into the design of the coffin, or you could even take part in the weaving itself if you like.

As a guide we have a list of items that can and cannot be added to a coffin.

Wicker Coffins from Natural English Willow | Eco Friendly Caskets

Please feel free to get in touch and let us know about your requirements using the contact us page.

More about our coffin design

Natural, ethical, biodegradable and handmade in the UK

We use the long horse shoe shape for all our wicker willow coffin designs. Because we believe that the beauty of a good wicker willow coffin; is to recognise the natural shape of the body and character of the deceased.

Follow this link to find out more about our coffin design.

Wicker Coffin from Natural English Willow | Sussex Willow Coffins


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