Eco Friendly Coffins UK

Eco Friendly Coffins UK

Eco Coffins & Cremation Urns

Our eco friendly coffins are hand crafted in the UK and woven from natural English Heritage Willow. These eco caskets are made to be suited to natural burial, cremation and traditional funerals. Hand crafted natural coffins from Sussex Willow Coffins, are well suited as an environmentally friendly coffin for any choice of final resting place.

Willow Eco Coffin

Beside the wider used and more common Buff Willow, which has been boiled and stripped of its bark. Our sustainable and Natural Willow Coffins have the willow as it is in nature; with the bark on and the scent of willow wood still present.

These unique features make our hand crafted coffins the biodegradable and eco coffins of choice. A great alternative to a recycled cardboard coffin and wooden coffins; for those who are truly concerned about the impact of funeral services on the environment.

Natural Willow Coffin

Our Unique & Eco Friendly Green Willow Coffin

  • Woven from 100% raw untreated Green Willow
  • No glue or toxic material present
  • Natural scent of willow bark still present
  • Load-bearing natural rope handles
  • Certified for Cremation and suited to Natural Burial

How We Make Our Coffins

Hand Crafted in our Sussex Barn Workshop

Weaving and crafting with the more natural Green Willow has become our speciality. Known for its bark on look and scent; catering to those with a yearning for all things natural and earthy in a traditional coffin manufacturer.

Eco Friendly Funeral Caskets

Biodegradable and Untreated Green Willow

Free of chemicals and harsh stripping of the wood; because of this our wicker coffins retain many of the willow’s natural charm. Bark on willow is known as Green Willow, it still has the wood bark and aroma. Other than giving a very natural look to the coffin, another benefit of using Green Willow for our eco friendly caskets, is that it squeaks less when the coffin is moved.

Natural Burials

Suited to Woodland Burial and Natural Burial

Natural burial grounds in the UK hold well placed and strict rules; around the types of coffins, caskets and urns that can be used. Our all natural coffins made from Green Willow; are well matched for a green funeral and to the rules of Natural Burial Sites and Woodland Burial Sites.

Eco Friendly Coffins & Urns for Cremation

Eco Coffins that are made for Cremation

The Green Willow we use to make our eco friendly caskets, is a fast growing and sustainable wood resource. Which makes it very good for the short lifespan of cremated coffins and urns. With no chemical used or finish added to our wicker coffins, because of this they are accepted by all crematoria.

To find out more about our eco friendly coffins browse around the website; to see more images and find details about our choice of eco friendly casket designs. Please make contact, if you have any queries about our wicker coffins and natural burial.


Find out more about buying our hand crafted English Willow Wicker Coffins and how to order…

Eco Coffins By Design…

Here is why our coffins are so natural…

Our coffins are designed in such a way that they are 100% biodegradable. With no chemical, glue or harsh treatments used during the coffin weaving process.

Using natural Hazel and Manilla Rope (which are both natural and biodegradable) for the fixtures and fittings. Our biodegradable caskets are a truly the environmentally friendly coffin of choice.

Find out more about our Eco Friendly Funeral Coffins; and the sustainably sourced natural English Heritage Willow used to make our caskets below.

Natural & Environmentally Friendly Coffins UK

What makes Sussex Willow Coffins the natural choice?

  • The making of these caskets will support English Willow growing and habitat creation for wild animals and insects. We are always seeking to convert more land in the UK; for willow coppicing (the way willow is grown for weaving) and sustainable willow growing in the future.
  • We include lots of untreated natural willow within our Eco Coffin designs; which has the bark on as opposed to being boiled or stripped. As well as looking great, this willow has the lowest embodied energy of all the craft willows; due to no mechanical stripping or boiling being required.
  • Our Eco Coffin has a clean, chemical free vapour during the cremation process. Made almost entirely out of woven willow, unlike some common counterparts; which include veneered board in the design.
  • Suited to natural burial, traditional funerals, woodland burial and cremation alike; our ecologically sound coffins are the ethical choice. Designed and crafted to be entirely biodegradable, ethical and sustainable.

We’re Planting & Growing Sustainable Willow

Providing sustainable heritage willow for the future

Sussex Willow Coffins grow our own supply of sustainable willow from English Heritage Willow Varieties.

We are always expanding our willow growing plots in Sussex and the local area. Creating a stable and sustainable supply of English Willow; is vital for the future of wicker weaving in the UK.

More About Our Coffin Design

Natural, ethical, eco friendly and hand woven in the UK

We use the long horse shoe shape for all our eco friendly funeral coffin designs. Because we believe that the beauty of a good willow coffin; is to echo the natural shape of the body and character of the deceased.