FFMA Certified & Approved Cremation Coffins For UK Crematorium

We believe that the quality of our coffin products, is one of our unique selling points. Our high standards are maintained through attention to detail and continual improvement. This has recently been validated, with our coffins receiving the crematorium seal of approval and gaining FFMA Certification. Making our coffins approved for cremation in the UK.

Read on to find out about the certification process and what this means…

FFMA Certified & Approved Coffins For Cremation In UK

FFMA Approved Cremation Coffins

Our cremation coffins have now been certified by the FFMA; being given approved status and deemed acceptable for UK crematoria. Meaning they have been put through their paces and thoroughly tested; to the high standards and expectations of coffins used for cremation in the United Kingdom. When searching for a coffin we suggest you look for the FFMA logo; as many crematoriums will no longer accept un-certified coffins for cremation.

What is the FFMA?

The Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers’ Association has an important role within the funeral and cremation sector; including an active and continuing dialogue with various government bodies on the technical issues that affect our industry. With the ever changing legislation, it is vital for all parties within the sector to be aware of common needs.

Over the years, the FFMA has been consulted on various issues; including air pollution of crematoria and ensuring casket supply during a potential flu pandemic in 2008.

Approved Cremation Coffins

What is FFMA Coffin Testing?

Early in 2012, the FFMA were contacted by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA); who reported some problems with cremating alternative coffins and caskets.

A working party was set up to find a protocol for cremation coffin testing. To ensure all coffins meet defined standards, which confirm that the coffin is fit for use in a crematorium.

Outline of FFMA Cremation Test Protocol

With the support of the Cremations Associations, the Funeral Requisite Manufacture’s and the UK Crematoria; The Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers Coffin and Casket Protocol has been set out.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 1 – Coffin Strength Scenario

The coffin is weighted with a specified load, then checked for deformation or failure. If the coffin remains within the agreed parameters it passes.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 2 – Slip Functionality Scenario

    1. Coffin is placed on rollers to see if it moves freely without snagging.
    2. Coffin is placed on roller bearings to see if it moves freely without snagging.

If the coffin snags or sticks it fails.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 3 – Auto Charger Scenario

Coffin is placed against a solid load and pressure applied to one end, to simulate the auto charger. If the coffin distorts or breaks beyond the agreed parameters it fails.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 4 – TABO – Insertion Machine

The coffin is placed on equipment that replicates the TABO charger. If it snags or sags on loading pins, it fails.

TABO chargers only exists in a dozen or so crematoria. However, suppliers understand that once a cremation coffin is sold, they may not know where the coffin will be cremated.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 5 – Ignition / Radiant Heat Scenario

A cremation coffin should not ignite until it is securely in a crematorium chamber. To simulate a chamber, a sample of the coffin is exposed to a heat source; for a specified length of time. If it catches fire, it fails.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 6 – High Ash Volume Scenario

Calculations can predict the amount of ash volume generated, by knowing the sizes of a coffin and a person, respectively. A representation of the coffin is burned to ash. If the material submitted generates more than 6 litres of ash, it fails.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 7 – Handle Breakage Scenario

The coffin’s handles are loaded with the defined weight (25 or 30 stone). If the handles break or the coffin deforms beyond the defined parameters, it fails. If the coffin remains within the agreed parameters it passes.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 8 – Ash Residue Scenario

A sample of the coffin’s material is burned on a ceramic surface. If the ash is not free from unmanageable residue, or anything that may cause an issue, it fails.

Approved Cremation Coffin TEST 9 – Coffin Leakage scenario

A sample of coffin liner material is folded into a cone and filled with a solution that replicates bodily fluids. If the coffin liner does not leak, it passes.

More About FFMA Cremation Coffin Testing

You can find more details about the cremation coffin testing process by following this link ffma.co.uk

View our page on the FFMA website, showing our approval status here.

Extra Large Coffins For UK Cremation

As well as being safe in the knowledge that our coffins are approved for cremation; we also went the extra mile to have them tested at the highest weight possible.

This means our coffins have been tested and found suitable for bodies up to a weight of 30 stone.

Buy Coffins Approved For Cremation

To find out more information on our wicker willow coffins; read about our coffin design and also check out our unique Natural Willow Coffin and Wicker Basket Casket.

Our certification at such high standards in coffins approved for cremation, teamed with our caring and experienced people; gives you peace of mind and will ensure you receive a cremation coffin you can trust from a maker that cares.

FFMA Approved Coffins