Sustainable Coffins


What makes Sussex Willow Coffins the sustainable and environmentally friendly choice…

Designed to be natural…

Here is why our coffins are so environmentally friendly:

Our wicker coffins are made entirely from woven willow, sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers. Unlike many other wicker coffins, our coffins are entirely woven with no processed board for the base.

Using natural Hazel and Sisal Rope (which are also sustainably sourced) for the fixtures and fittings, our natural wicker coffins are a truly sustainable choice for your final vessel.

Find out more about our sustainable wicker coffins the willow used to make them and why it is so sustainable below…

We’re planting willow

Providing sustainable heritage willow for the future

Sussex Willow Coffins grow our own supply of sustainable willow from Heritage Willow Varieties.

We are continually expanding our willow growing plots in Sussex and the surrounding area.

Creating a stable and sustainable supply of English Willow is vital for the future of wicker weaving in the UK.

Here’s why we are passionate about planting willow…

  • Willow plantations create attractive natural habitats – For a variety of native birds, insects and other wildlife.
  • Willow cultivation is a heritage craft in itself – Growing practices and genetic stock need preserving and developing for future generations.
  • Local sustainable material sourcing – We want to reduce the carbon footprint of our wicker coffins, the less miles our willow has travelled the better.
  • Production of craft materials in Sussex – By growing good quality sustainable craft willow, we can offer opportunity to other local willow crafts-people.
  • Our home-grown willow is produced naturally and organically with no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertiliser.

We are always on the lookout for new sites in the South East to plant sustainable heritage willow on, if you know of any potential opportunities please contact us.


Our wicker willow coffin designs are chosen for their beauty and green credentials, over time we have refined our two wicker coffin designs to produce completely biodegradable and sustainable coffins.

More about our coffin designs

Sustainable, ethical, natural and handmade in the UK

We use the long horse shoe shape for all our sustainable coffin designs, because we believe that the beauty of a good wicker coffin, is to recognise the natural shape of the body and character of the deceased.

To find out more about our sustainable coffin designs, how to order and how to contact us follow the links below, or use the navigation menu at the top of the page.