Green Coffins & Caskets For Natural Burial & Woodland Funerals

Coffins for Green Burial and Natural Funerals

An entirely hand crafted green burial coffin, woven from English Heritage Willow varieties. Uniquely designed to be sustainable, biodegradable and natural; well suited coffins for green burial, natural funerals, cremation and traditional funerals alike.

Green Burial Coffins & Caskets

Natural, sustainable and biodegradable coffins.

Our natural burial coffins designs are highly versatile, our natural coffins are appropriate for cremation, natural burial and traditional funerals.

Many woodland or natural burial grounds specify that all coffins buried there are non-toxic and completely biodegradable. Our natural coffins meet these criteria, making them suitable for all types of woodland and natural burial.

If you are seeking a coffin for a natural burial, then our Natural Willow Coffins are a very sustainable choice.

Natural Burial or Cremation

When our natural coffins are cremated they release minimal emissions. This is due to the fact that we use no chemical treatments during the coffin making process.

If this is still a decision you need to make, read our blog post on Burial or Cremation.

Materials Used In Green Coffins

The Heritage Willow varieties that we grow and make our coffins from are a fast growing and sustainable resource. Which makes it particularly applicable for the short lifespan of a coffin for cremation.

More About Natural Burial & Cremation

See our FAQ page for more information on natural burials, cremation and how our coffins can be used.

More About Our English Willow

Heritage Willow grown sustainably in Sussex

Our aim is to source all of our coffin making materials in the local area, within the next few years. We now have several willow plantations of our own; find out more about how we source and grow our willow.



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