Green Burial Options: Benefits of Sussex Willow Coffins

When we lose someone we love, we want to honour them and also their values in life. At Sussex Willow Coffins, we create intricately crafted eco friendly coffins made from handwoven wicker willow; that make for beautiful Green Burial Options.

We share in your love for the Earth as well as the attention to detail that your loved ones deserve. Sussex Willow Coffins makes several green burial options. We want to work with you and your family to help you find the perfect one. Read on to learn how we can help you say goodbye while being environmentally friendly.

green burial options

Our Green Burial Options

During this difficult time, it is important to know that your loved one will be cared for; and given the perfect burial for them. Jake Whitcroft puts care and attention into each of his wicker creations.

Natural Willow Coffin

Jake is passionate about nature and creating an ecological resource for others who deeply respect the environment. Our natural willow coffins are not only beautifully designed but are also made from untreated green willow.

For natural burial options, Sussex Willow Coffins make for an eco friendly casket; as well as a stunning piece of craftsmanship. The natural wicker coffin design has been crafted to be completely biodegradable and sustainable.

The scent of the willow coffin is still present providing a natural aroma. It also offers load bearing sisal rope handles for transport. A fully eco friendly coffin liner provides comforting protection for our loved ones within.

Buff Willow Casket

Traditionally known as a wicker basket casket, the buff willow coffin is made from classic basket making willow. Buff willow is prepared by boiling and then stripping the bark; this gives it a lovely natural shine and copper tone.

Depending on your preference, we create a luxurious contrast; by using a blend of the unprocessed natural willow with the buff willow. Or choose an all buff willow casket for a truly elegant design.

Each of our willow coffins and caskets are designed in a horseshoe shape; made to recognise the natural character of the body.  You can be at peace knowing your loved one is resting in a natural work of art; that was sustainably grown and made in the UK.

Cremation Options

If you are interested in a casket to be used for cremation, Sussex Willow Coffins can help with your needs. We understand the importance of meeting the wishes of the departed; and are flexible to help you create a respectful ceremony.

Our coffins and baskets are an environmentally friendly option for those who would prefer cremation. In this case, a hardboard cover will be made for the base of the coffin. Our designs are made entirely from locally sourced wood, making them an excellent option for cremation.

We also make wicker cremation urns that provide a beautiful resting place for ashes. Our handmade urns are completely natural and biodegradable; and can be used as part of a green burial, or provide a safe resting place in your home.

These natural ashes caskets are made entirely of green and buff willow. The wooden lids can be engraved with a name and personal message.

Special & Sustainable Green Burial Options

We are sensitive to your personal needs and are also more than happy to discuss customisation upon request. We would be happy to accommodate if you have personal items or tokens of fond memories; that you would like to have woven into the design of the coffin.

All of our green burial options are handmade in our workshop. We will make something special for your loved one, and unique to your wishes. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.